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How To Improve SMT Chip Production Efficiency?

Dafton Electronic Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

SMT production line mainly silk screen machine, high-speed placement machine, multi-function placement machine, reflow machine and AOI automatic detector composition, two placement machine if the completion of a placement process time (hereinafter referred to as the placement time) , It will affect the patch rate, the specific approach:

1, load distribution balance. Reasonable allocation of the number of two patch components to achieve load distribution balance, in order to achieve two SMT placement machine patch time equal;

2, SMT placement machine itself. We all know that SMT placement machine itself has a maximum patch speed value, but to achieve this value is generally not easy to achieve, and SMT placement machine itself has a certain relationship, for example, X / Y structure Mounter, the measures taken is to make the placement of the head as much as possible to pick up the components, on the other hand in the placement of the placement process, the same type of components together to reduce the number of parts when picking up the nozzle, Save placement time.

SMT production line has a lot of equipment, any one equipment in the processing, if the speed is slow, it will delay the patch time, affecting the real process, how to improve not only theory to do guidance, but also on-site operator's rich experience.