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Do You Know SMT Parts?

Dafton Electronic Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is the electronics industry a new industrial technology, its rise and rapid development of the electronics assembly industry is a revolution, known as the electronics industry, "Star of the Star", it makes electronic assembly more and more The more rapid and simple, followed by a variety of electronic products upgrading faster and faster, more and more integrated, the price is cheaper. For the IT (Information Technology) industry has made tremendous contributions to the rapid development.

SMT is involved in a wide variety of parts, different styles, there have been many industry has formed a common standard, which is mainly some chip capacitor resistors and so on; many are still experiencing constant changes, especially IC parts, its packaging The form of change is endless, it is dizzying, the traditional pin package is being subjected to a new generation of packaging (BGA, FLIP CHIP, etc.) impact.