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Concept And Classification Of SMT Machine

Dafton Electronic Co.,Limited | Updated: Jan 05, 2018

SMT machine, also known as the "mount machine", "surface mount system". In SMT production line, it is a machine configured after dispensing machine or solder paste printer, to move the mounting head to place SMDs accurately on a PCB pad. It is divided into two types: manual machine and full automatic one. Today full automatic SMT machine is the mainstream. 

Concept Of Full Automatic SMT Machine

The full automatic SMT machine is the equipment used to automatically attach the components at high speed and precision. It is the most critical and most complex equipment in the whole SMT line. As the main equipment in the SMT line, the machine has developed from the early low speed mechanical one to the high-speed optical centering one, and developing to the multi-functional and flexible connection modular machine.

Main Brands

Panasonic(Japan)、FUJI  (Japan)、YAMAHA  (Japan)、JUKI (Japan)、SONY(Japan)、Assembleon  (Netherlands)、Siemens (Germany)、MIRAE (Korea)、SAMSUNG(Korea)、UNIVERSAL (USA),etc. 

Classification Of SMT Machine

There are many manufacturers and many kinds of SMT machine. The classification is below:

◆By speed: Medium speed SMT machine, High-speed SMT machine and Super high-speed SMT machine.

◆By function: High-speed/Super high-speed SMT machine and Multi-function SMT machine.

◆By ways of mounting: Sequential SMT machine, Simultaneous SMT machine and Simultaneous on-line SMT machine.

◆By automation: Automatic Mechatronics SMT machine and Manual SMT machine.