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Advantages Of SMT Chip Technology

Dafton Electronic Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

1. High assembly density

Chip components than the traditional perforated components occupied area and quality greatly reduced. In general, the use of SMT 'can reduce the volume of electronic products by 60%, quality reduction '75%. Through-hole installation technology components.

 2. High reliability

As the reliability of chip components, the device is small and light, so strong seismic capacity, the use of automated production, placement of high reliability, the general poor solder joint rate of less than ten millionths, compared with through-hole device wave soldering technology Low by an order of magnitude.

 3. High frequency characteristics

As the chip components are firmly mounted, the device is usually leadless or short lead, reducing the parasitic inductance and parasitic capacitance, improve the circuit's high-frequency characteristics, the use of SMC and SMD design of the highest frequency of 3GHz, and the use of The through-hole component is only 500MHz.

4. cut costs 

Printed board to use the area to reduce the area for the hole technology 1/12, if the use of CSP installation of its area will be a significant decline.

5. Easy to automate production

The current perforation to install the printed circuit board to achieve full automation, need to expand the original 40% of the original printed circuit board area, so as to make the plug-in head of the automatic plug will insert the element, otherwise there is not enough space clearance, will hit the parts.