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Dafton Electronic Co.,Limited
Dafton Electronic Co., Limited is located in Dongguan city, China. We are specialized in SMT equipment and spare parts for about 15 years in Chinese market. In order to develop further business and learn more about the development of surface mount technology, we have done international business since 2016. We have taken in a group of experienced and professional staffs who engage in this field at least 3 years to set up the international department. Under the guidance of our professional manager, our international business has spread over many countries rapidly in these two year. More and more customers buy from us with high re-purchased rate. Here, Dafton can offer to you any parts that you need and you can find and you need but you can't find.
New Stocks Of Panasonic 8mm KXFW1KS5A00
Dec 12, 2018
Characteristics Of SMT Components
SMT components are commonly called pin-free components or chip components.......
Dec 06, 2018
How To Choose Smt Nozzle
The smt nozzle is an important part of the mounter, which is related to the operation of the whole smt assembly line. So
Nov 26, 2018